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Everyone can learn to knit and crochet! Now is the time to sign up for a knit or crochet lesson. These crafts are portable - take them with you just about anywhere and never be bored waiting in line again!

I can help you finishing up a project, learning about which yarn or tools are right for the job, figuring out a confusing pattern or learning new skills. You can design your own beach wrap or shawl, create a hat, baby blanket, your own necktie, or try out a new stitch pattern to make a project similar to something you have seen in stores! If you are a knitter you can learn how to crochet, and crochet artists can learn how to knit. Invest in yourself with an applied arts skill that will last a lifetime!

Lessons are scheduled conveniently on weekday evenings, or Sunday afternoons/early evenings. I see clients in a public setting such as a cafe or library. Lessons for children must be accompanied by an adult guardian for the duration of the lesson. Lessons rates start at 40 minutes for $25, with packages available at a discount for 5 lessons or more. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

My service area is Manhattan, NYC; Jersey City and Hoboken, NJ. 

You will notice a limited availability for this service here on the website. I do not overbook my schedule, ensuring clients are booked in a timely manner. When your order is received I will contact you to set up a time that works within two weeks of your order in most cases.

Warmest regards,

Wendy Ann | WATERKNYT Artisan