WATERKNYT is run in the city, but I love the woods! My downtime - and where I find inspiration for new designs - is best spent hiking for the day or backpacking overnight in the nearby Ramapo Mountains or Stokes State Forest. Caring about and for the planet is never far from my mind. I consider what nature offers a true gift. Everyone does better with some quality time outdoors!

Here on WATERKNYT you will see products created from upcycled or recycled goods. Your order will likely arrive packed with recycled materials. The handmade items created are meant to last for years, offering great value due to being so incredibly durable. I have always wanted quality items that become favorites year after year for myself - and I want the same for my customers. 

A few of the ways I support good stewardship of the earth is incorporating my lifestyle into how WATERKNYT operates. I commute and do not own a car and never have. I work out of my apartment, a cozy [read: small] second floor flat in a two-family brownstone. One of my favorite materials to work with is wool. The kind that comes from sheep who spend their days in a small flock that is cared for by a shepherd or shepherdess who loves them. I intentionally seek product that is not too far from where I live. Supporting small local farms is one thing we can all do. 

I hope you will join me doing these small things:

  • carrying your own water bottle
  • using fabric market bags
  • buying vintage/used
  • keeping a coffee or tea mug at your office
  • washing your jeans less
  • keeping your home temperate instead of piping hot or icy cold
  • turning the cold water down instead of the hot water up when you shower
  • cooking more instead of fast food
  • choosing organic, a few items a week makes a difference
  • even better, shop at your farmer's market
  • join a coop or buy in bulk
  • turn off the light when you leave the room
  • fix leaking faucets
  • and using your WATERKNYT goods until they fall apart decades from now!

The earth is so good to us, don't you think? We can do better. I heard an entrepreneur say recently that true happiness is not about a certain dollar or the right spouse. The key to happiness in life is progress and we all have an opportunity every single day to make progress. Let's work together to make personal progress in how we share planet earth.

Warm regards,

Wendy Ann | WATERKNYT Artisan

 P. S. Here are some of my fun times hiking in recent years. You can take the train from Hoboken to Tuxedo, NY and enjoy the beautiful woods!

 WATERKNYT hiking trail fall knitting instructor jersey city nj
WATERKNYT hiking fall foliage knitting instructor in jersey city nj graphic
WATERKNYT hiking woods knitting instructor jersey city nj graphic